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Restaurant Insurance

Many insurance agencies offer restaurant insurance, but very few are industry specialists who focus diligently on your business. Guild Insurance Inc. has exclusively offered restaurant insurance programs since 1946. We know the challenges you face as a restaurant owner and the coverage you need to protect your livelihood.

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Coverage You Can Count On

You are an entrepreneur and food lover. Your ultimate expression of passion is the art that arrives from the kitchen. You shouldn’t have to worry about your insurance coverage not coming through when you need it. A policy written through Guild Insurance will protect your business operations so you can focus on what you do best—provide mind-blowing dining experiences, whether that be the best slice in the city or an intricately plated masterpiece.

Prepare for the unexpected.

Insurance For Your Restaurant

It’s impossible to predict when disaster may strike. But you can prepare yourself with an insurance policy crafted with your restaurant business in mind.

General liability, liquor liability, property, workers’ compensation, and umbrella liability is available.
Food Delivery coverage available.
Customizable insurance packages are available to fit your business needs.

Liability Coverage

  • Food delivery acceptable
  • Liquor liability – no annual aggregate 
  • Liquor liability – common law included 
  • Premises, operations, and product liability 
  • Defense costs outside of policy limits
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Property Coverage

  • Building & Business Property 
  • Tenant Improvements & Betterments 
  • Loss of business income included 
  • Customized coverage extensions
  • Builder’s risk for renovations
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From a pizza parlor to modern cuisine

Our insurance carriers are specialists in your industry. This means they know your business and are comfortable with your business model, whatever it may be. 

Guild Insurance Inc. knows restaurants. We’ve offered comprehensive insurance products for the hospitality industry since 1946.

Guild Insurance

Why Restaurant Insurance

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You receive a complaint from a customer claiming they fell ill after dining at your restaurant. You are always cautious about food safety, but things happen. You wonder: Will my insurance company respond properly and ensure my good reputation remains?

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Premises Liability

Sunday brunch is really hopping. That is, until a server slips and spills a hot coffee on a customer. You worry: Am I liable for anything here? What about minor medical expenses at urgent care and dry cleaning for the patron’s clothing?

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You are known for having the best bourbon and whiskey collection in the city. One night after closing, thieves enter your restaurant and steal several bottles of expensive bourbon. You begin to worry: These will be impossible to replace. Will my insurance company help replace them?

Restaurants We Insure

Fine Dining
Pizza Parlor
BBQ Joint
Japanese steakhouse (Teppanyaki)
Family-owned restaurant
Fast Food
Coffee Shop
Chain Restaurants
Fast Casual Restaurants
Sushi House