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Many insurance agencies offer night club insurance, but very few are industry specialists who focus diligently on your business. Guild Insurance Inc. has exclusively offered night club insurance programs since 1946. We know the challenges you face as a night club owner and the coverage you need to protect your livelihood.

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Coverage You Can Count On

You are a creature of the night with a passion for music. You love watching the crowd pulse to the beat of the house you built. You shouldn’t have to worry about your insurance coverage not coming through when you need it. A policy written through Guild Insurance will protect your business operations so you can focus on what you do best—give the people a place to let loose and be free.

Prepare for the unexpected.

Insurance For Your Night Club

It’s impossible to predict when disaster may strike. But you can prepare yourself with an insurance policy crafted with your night club in mind.

Live music venues, DJ’s, and gentlemen’s clubs acceptable.
3 am? 4 am? Late close is no problem.
Assault & Battery coverage included without sub-limits.

Liability Coverage

  • Assault & Battery included 
  • Liquor liability – no annual aggregate 
  • Liquor liability – common law included 
  • Premises, operations, and product liability 
  • Defense costs outside of policy limits



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Property Coverage

  • Building & Business Property 
  • Tenant Improvements & Betterments 
  • Loss of business income included 
  • Customized coverage extensions
  • Builder’s risk for renovations
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From a classy cabaret to a country western bar

Our insurance carriers are specialists in your industry. This means they know your business and are comfortable with your business model, whatever it may be. 

Guild Insurance Inc. knows night clubs. We’ve offered comprehensive insurance products for hospitality since 1946.

Guild Insurance

Why Night Club Insurance

Insurance for night clubs


It finally happened. The local baseball team won the championship. Fans are going nuts on the dance floor in celebration. Suddenly, a group of fans from the losing team is here, ready to cause trouble. A melee results in multiple injuries, some severe. The greatest day of your city quickly turns into your worst nightmare. You begin to panic: If I get sued for this, will my insurance company step up to the plate?

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Premises Liability

The lights are low and the local legendary DJ is spinning stellar beats. A patron stumbles on the stairs leading to the dance floor and fractures an ankle. Her attorney sends a letter demanding payment for her injuries days later. You wonder: Am I responsible for this?

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You have no idea how it happened, but a candle sets fire to a decorative curtain right after closing. The fire is extinguished quickly, but the smoke damage is extensive. You worry: Will my insurance company support my business and get us back operating quickly?

Night Clubs We Insure

Gentleman’s Club
Night Club
Late Close with Entertainment
Live Music Venues
Outdoor Festival Spaces
LGBTQ Venues
Clubs with Bottle Service