Hired & Non-Owner Auto Insurance for Your Take-Out Services

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Protection on the Road With Hired & Non-Owned Auto

Whether you have a fleet of drivers delivering pizzas to the neighborhood or utilize a food delivery service, you have an insurance exposure that needs to be addressed properly within your insurance coverage. Your insurance policy with Guild Insurance will have you covered.

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What is Hired & Non-Owned Auto?

Hired & Non-Owned Auto Liability provides coverage for food delivery, incidental work-related employee travel, and liability exposure for the utilization of 3rd party delivery services.


Most insurance companies exclude delivery operations.
Studies have shown up to 40% of consumers used a food delivery service in the last 90 days.
UberEats and Grubhub had over 50 millions users in 2018.

Are you covered?

Does your current insurance company truly know and understand your business? Most insurance companies will not provide coverage for delivery exposures. Many times, restaurant owners are not even aware that their policy excludes this coverage. You need an insurance agent that understands your business and works with companies that embrace what you do. Your general liability policy with Guild Insurance will always have the option of including Hired & Non-Owner Auto coverage for your delivery operations.

Why Get Hired & Non-Owned Auto Insurance?

You send your brewer to the craft beer conference to promote your brand, but while in his rented vehicle, he gets in an accident on the way to the airport. On a hectic and busy Friday night, pizza orders are backed up. In a rush, your delivery driver pulls out of the parking lot and hits a bicyclist. Fortunately, the injuries are minor. Nevertheless you worry: Will I be sued? And if I am, will my insurance company help?

Coverage Highlights

Limits up to $1,0000,000
Food delivery acceptable
3rd party delivery acceptable

Claim Vault

Finally, warm weather is here! You’re planning on having a packed beer garden this afternoon and evening. What goes better with summer than an ice-cold Corona? However, your limes didn’t arrive with your food shipment earlier. You send your bar manager to the store to grab some limes, but on the way back, the manager gets distracted and rear-ends a vehicle. Are you liable in any way for this accident? If your employee was acting on your behalf, you probably are. Fortunately, the insurance companies represented by Guild Insurance include hired & non-owned automobile liability for when an incident like this happens. 

True Story—We’ve been around since 1946. We’ve seen a lot.

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Complete our easy online quote form and sit back and relax; Guild Insurance handles the rest. Our professional agents will submit your business to our top-rated carriers and contact you once the quote is received.

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