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General Liability

General Liability coverage is critical for any eating and drinking establishment. Slips and falls, altercations, and foodborne illness are just a few of the many unexpected incidents you may encounter while operating your hospitality business. Receive an insurance policy designed specifically for your operation.

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What is General Liability Insurance?

General Liability Insurance provides coverage for claims against your business involving bodily injury and property damage arising from your business operations, services, or products.


It is common for defense costs to exceed the cost of damages awarded in a general liability trial.
Slips/falls and on-premises altercations are the most common incidents that result in liability claims.
Beware of social media. Did you know you may be liable for comments and photos posted on your social media accounts?
Defense wins championships: Frivolous lawsuits are not uncommon. Your general liability policy will respond with defense for frivolously filed GL lawsuits.

Are you covered?

One of the largest underinsured exposures in the hospitality industry is Assault & Battery Coverage. Many insurance policies limit or exclude this coverage. However, our carriers do not.

Why Do You Need General Liability Insurance?

A late night at your sports bar gets a little rowdy and a fight breaks out. A customer breaks a tooth on a pebble in your veggie burger. A patron slips and falls on a spilled drink on your dance floor. All of these scenarios could result in a claim filed against your business. Your general liability policy will respond vigorously to defend your business.

Coverage Highlights

Assault & Battery Coverage included
Limits up to $5mm per occurrence
No deductible
Cyber Liability included
Defense costs outside of policy limits
Food Delivery Coverage available

Claim Vault

You’ve been working tirelessly on the grand opening of your nightclub. Everything looks great. The staff is pumped and ready to go. The DJ is spinning some killer tunes. This is the night you’ve dreamed of until an intoxicated patron decides to drop a bottle of beer off the 2nd story mezzanine and onto the head of an unsuspecting customer dancing below. Chaos ensues. Will your insurance company have your back?

True Story—We’ve been around since 1946. We’ve seen a lot.

How To Get General Liability Insurance?

Complete our easy online quote form and sit back and relax; Guild Insurance handles the rest. Our professional agents will submit your business to our top-rated carriers and contact you once the quote is received.

Guild Insurance has you covered!

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