Employment Practices Liability For Your Hospitality Business

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Protect Your Team With Employment Practices Liability

Maybe a manager makes an inappropriate comment about an employee. Perhaps you as the business owner are wrongly accused of retaliation. These scenarios are one of many that could result in an Employment Practices Liability complaint.

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What is Employment Practices Liability?

Employment Practices Liability insurance is designed to provide coverage for employee-employer disputes that could involve discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation, violations of the Family Medical Leave Act, wrongful discipline or termination, and wrongful failure to promote.


Businesses are 3 times more likely to be sued by an employee than to experience a fire.
The average EPLI claim can cost up to $75,000 if settled out of court.
Court costs and legal fees in a trial can balloon to $150,000+.
EPLI claims resolution can take between 18-24 months.
Employee lawsuits have risen over 400% in the last 20 years.

Are you covered?

Nearly 75% of small businesses elect to not carry Employment Practices Liability Insurance. This is arguably the most significant coverage gap for hospitality businesses. The very nature of restaurants and bar atmospheres lead to a higher potential for these types of claims.

Why Should You Get Employment Practices Liability?

Your manager makes a vulgar joke among a group of employees, many of whom wince with disapproval. An employee is terminated for what you believe to be just cause, but the employee claims it was due to their sexual orientation. A long-time employee becomes upset they were not promoted over a newer employee. These situations could be ticking EPLI time bombs.

Coverage Highlights

Limits from $100,00 to $1,000,000
Third Party Coverage available
Wage & Hour dispute coverage option available on stand-alone policies
Free EPLI legal advice hotline available

Claim Vault

Your night shift manager has what he believes to be a “loose, friendly, and anything-goes” relationship with his crew. He repeatedly refers to some ethnic members of his team in a derogatory manner. Months later, you are served with several complaints from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. There are four complaints and each end up being settled for $50,000 plus legal fees. Thankfully, your EPLI policy responded with defense and award of damages.

True Story—We’ve been around since 1946. We’ve seen a lot.

How To Start Protecting Your Business?

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